Services of Process

Process Serving


Serving court papers is not a task for everyone, especially if the recipients live in remote locations or do not want to receive them. You’ll need a certified, professional process server to deliver your papers quickly, no matter the awkwardness of the area.

With Mississauga Process Server, rest assured of competent, fast and diligent services.

We are a leading process serving firm working with a network of law firms, solicitors, courts, and legal departments in Mississauga for more than 10 years. Our team of highly-trained specialists has the right knowledge and experience to handle any situation that may arise before or during litigation.

So whether you need to summon a cheating partner or subpoena an evasive witness, Mississauga process servers will get the job done for you accurately, timely and at very affordable prices

Court Filing


Get your case off to the best start by filing your court documents correctly and promptly. These documents are the very foundation of your case and should be treated with importance. You also do not have to file documents yourself or hire an assistant.

With us, you have the most efficient and reliable court filing team in Mississauga.

We are a highly experienced firm filing documents in Mississauga for several years.

With our efficient court filing process, we review your documents to ensure there are no errors that could jeopardize your case or result in a delay. We’ll also return the conformed copy within a day of the court’s approval

Skip Tracing


If you have a legal document to serve respondent(s) but don’t know their whereabouts i.e. perhaps they moved or are avoiding getting served. We can carry out a skip trace search to determine their current location (address) so you may proceed to serve them with the legal documents.


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